Energy Star labeled buildings are more energy efficient than 75% of similar buildings and conform to current industry standards for thermal comfort, air ventilation, control of indoor air pollutants, and illumination. Energy Star buildings have higher levels of tenant satisfaction which lead to higher occupancy, higher rent value, as well as higher resale value. Taking a building through the process can help identify additional opportunities to achieve even greater energy savings and net operating income.

Obtaining an Energy Star label would also surpass the LEED for Existing Buildings minimum requirement for energy performance and would earn additional points for optimized energy performance. Benchmarking your building with Energy Star is often used in conjunction with an Energy Audit to discover ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. See the entry on Energy Audits for more information.

Our team can provide the verification necessary for applying for an Energy Star label. We will validate that the 12 months of utility information entered into Energy Star are accurate and make a site visit to verify that the thermal comfort, ventilation, control of pollutants, and illumination conditions of the building meet industry standards.

Saint Francis Medical Arts Building, Bartlett, TN
Energy Star Verification
Fisher & Arnold, Memphis, TN
Energy Star Verification