Having your building certified by U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system is a noticeable goal in today’s economy which is increasingly driven by transparency and disclosure. Third-party certification validates the claim that your building has been designed or is being operated in an environmentally responsible manner.

Guiding a building through the process can be challenging and time-consuming. Every project needs an accredited LEED professional that will have the focus and facilitation skills to help the building team succeed at delivering a certified project. A thorough familiarity with the appropriate LEED rating system – with the current addenda, supplemental and additional guidance documents, LEED interpretations, and certification policies – is vital for the consultant and for your project.

A good consultant will understand the synergy between credits – identifying the cost implications and feasibility of each credit. They will also have a working knowledge of how a building functions and will have creative solutions for meeting the project’s LEED goals. Awareness of potential Pilot credits to attempt and possible credits to borrow from other rating systems can mean the difference between a simple certification and a higher rating such as Gold or even Platinum.

All of the above, along with an ability to inform and inspire, makes for a qualified, valuable consultant. We would love to provide you with this level of service.